As a networking consultant, I have had the privilege of working with Allison. She has provided my client's staff support and training services for an accounting/job costing/dispatching program.
Allison's in-depth knowledge of accounting software and practices and her ability to clearly communicate information enabled my clients to readily become proficient in performing daily tasks. Because of her patience, positive attitude and methodical approach to conveying knowledge, she was effective in successfully working with even the most trying users. It was these very same traits that commanded the respect of my client's staff.
Allison possesses strong technical skills and the ability to resolve issues quickly. She is conscientious, completing tasks and projects in a timely fashion. She also follows up with clients to make sure that she has completed work satisfactorily.
I am deeply impressed by Allison's personality and work ethic and would recommend working with her unhesitatingly. I am confident that, if you choose to work with her, she will provide the same high level of service and commitment that I encountered.

-Lydia Victorine
Managing Partner

District Solutions, LLC
Washington, DC
Why hire virtual support?
You may have heard about "virtual assistants" and "virtual help". What is it all about and why should your business consider hiring virtual support instead of a full-time employee?
The cost savings is probably the foremost consideration to hire virtual support.
At first review, the rates for virtual support may appear greater than the rates for the traditional employee. But engaging virtual support services offers the following benefits:
  • No pay for down time - only pay for time worked
  • No payroll taxes
  • No paid vacation/personal days
  • No paid sick leave
  • No health Insurance, 401K, or other benefits
  • No office space/facility costs
Virtual support providers do not incur the overhead costs typically associated with traditional employees, while at the same time offering highly-skilled, professional support with years of experience that can be leveraged with minimum preparation or lead time.
At no cost to your business, virtual support professionals stay current with up-to-date equipment, software and other applicable technology, and maintain familiarity with current business practices and trends.
With today's technology, work can be performed by phone, email, chat/IM, fax, file transfer, PC sharing, and Internet meeting platforms. Virtual support providers generally have an office already set up including phone, fax, computer, and printer.
Why Virtual Business Management?
Virtual assistants are terrific for providing administrative support to entrepreneurs, start-ups and small business owners that can't afford the overhead of full-time, onsite staff. But what if you don't know what needs to be done every day? What if you don't have a set process that you can translate to your virtual support so that they know how to best serve you? What if you just don't have the time or the patience to work out your own work-flow?

Then you need something more!
A Virtual Business Manager.
A Virtual Business Manager offers all of the advantages of virtual support, and more. An experienced Virtual Business Manager has the skills, ability, and know-how to take your business vision and, by using practical methods, formulate processes to make that vision a reality. A Virtual Business Manager is someone with experience in setting up business procedures and implementing the actual day-to-day functions. Ideal Virtual Business Managers understand the revenue driven business and know what it takes to help their clients' businesses prosper.
A Virtual Business Manager knows where to find the answers, and can provide educated suggestions on developing business processes. They know what other entrepreneurs and small business owners are doing and how they do it. A Virtual Business Manager has actually set up and managed companies. They have hands-on experience with developing daily procedures, managing finances, marketing, establishing business relationships. A Virtual Business Manager can help you grow your business.
Contact AllicatCo Virtual Business Management today to discuss how we can help you grow your business!

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